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About the finish line

Atualizado: 5 de jan. de 2020

Finish lines are special. They represent the effort put on the goal, all the training, commitment and pourpouse that we all bring to these races.

In a Extreme Triahlon like Fodaxman and the Xtri World Tour family races, they are even more special as the experience is crowned not only for the atlhetes crossing this magic lines. Their supporters, friend and the organiziers are there to commemorate a once in a life time acomplishment, a day that will be marked in their memory, as hieroglifs in stone, forever...

The feelings when crossing these finish lines can't be bought, can't be simulated. They can only be felt for those who dare to challenge the common sense, who embrace the journey to the unknow, who are not satisfied with the ordinary or the confort zone.

From our 2019 race, some images to make you dream:

Images by moveondigital.

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