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Fodaxman is an extreme triathlon event that takes place in Santa Catarina - Brazil in the distances of 4km of swimming, 172.5km of cycling and 42 km of running. It is a race that demands the maximum of the athletes both physically and emotionally, so it is not for beginners. It is a point-to-point event, starting at the São Bento Dam near New Venice and arriving in Urubici.


Be prepared for a wide the temperature variation (from 5º to 35º celsius) and a lot of climbing, there will be 3,650m of elevation gain in the bike course and 1,250m of elevation gain in the run course, including the feared Serra do Rio do Rastro and Morro da Igreja. The arrival will occur at 1,818m above sea level.


Swimming starts in the dark with light guidance and wetsuit allowed. The bike and run course will be open to traffic and it is mandatory that each athlete has at least one supporter (it is recommended two) that must accompany him by car for the entire route. His supporter will be the one responsible for guidance and supplementation.


Athletes will only be able to finish the race course at the top of Morro da Igreja if they arrive at the checkpoint at km 26 within the limit of 13 hours. For athletes arriving at km 26 after this time, there will be the possibility of completing the 42km race in an alternate course.


Time cuts :


Swim : 2h00 of race

Bike : 13h00 of race

Run (control post at 26km – base of the Church Hill) : 13h00 of race

Arrival at the top of the Church Hill: 15h30 of race

Arrival at alternative course: 18h00 of race



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 Run TOP 

 Run BASE 



13/12/19 – Friday

10h00 - official swim training10

14h00 –  Mandatory race briefing. Where : Teatro Municipal de Nova Veneza

15h00 to 17h00 – Race kit collection upon presentation of both Athletes Declaration, Supporter Declaration and Medical Statement. Where : Palazzo delle Acque (alongside to Teatro Municipal de Nova Veneza)

15h00 to 17h00 – Bike inspection (mandatory wearing helmet). Where : Palazzo delle Acque (alongside to Teatro Municipal de Nova Veneza)


14/12/19 – Saturday


02h30 to 03h30 – Bike check-in at T1 (mandatory wearing helmet)

03h40 – All athletes heading to swim start line

03h45 – Athletes´ rolling call

03h55 – All athletes in the water

04h00 – Fodaxman 2019 start (too late to give up !!)

04h45 – All athletes´supporters ready to guide their athletes to T1


15/12/19 – Sunday


10h30 – Results release and Finisher ceremony. Where: to be informed






Finishers 2016

Luiz Inácio Silva – 12h46

Fabrício Oliveira – 14h13

Rafael Pina – 14h30

Fabrício Abido – 14h41

Juan Pablo Salazar – 15h07

Tarso Soares – 15h15

Sandro de Barros – 15h21

Finishers 2017


(chegada no topo do Morro da Igreja)


Felipe Dayrell – 12h58

Fernando Palhares – 13h35

Rafael Pina – 13h45

Fabrício Abido – 13h52

Arthur Ruffato – 14h04

Fernando Cini – 14h10

Lívia Bustamante – 14h23

Sandro Barros – 15h17

Fabio Lima – 15h41

Yan Leduc – 15h41

Fernando Couto – 16h13



(chegada no percurso alternativo de corrida)


Gilead Maurício – 15h49

Denis Baptista – 15h51

Fabio Popeye – 15h56

Wissthon Rodrigues – 16h00

Elizabeth Rocha – 16h18

Pedro Gonsalves – 16h18

Ronaldo Aguilar – 16h28

André Del Negro – 16h30

Leonardo Damico – 16h34

Jaques Correa – 16h56

Lorena Villas – 16h56

Roberto Vieira – 16h56


Finishers 2018


(finish line of alternative course)


Cristine Stahlschmidt - 14h56
Fabio Charneski - 15h13
Renato Valler - 15h42
Victor Almeida de Souza - 16h02
Elizabeth Fernandes - 16h32
Fabio Marson - 16h33
Tiago Perez - 16h56
Adonis Santana Fonseca - 17h01
Edson Montanarin - 17h08 


(finish line on the summit of Morro da Igreja)


Jonathan da Silva - 12h09
Thiago Menuci - 12h27
Luiza Tobar - 12h58
Rafael Pina Pereira - 13h10
Sandro Gaynett - 13h34
Erinton Machado - 13h46
Marcio Calcagnotto - 13h52
Luiz Paulo da Silva - 13h55
Claudio Schmitz - 13h57
Lorena Pin - 14h00
Otavio Bonicio - 14h08
Bruno Tempesta 14h27
Fernando Palhares - 14h28
Fernando Cini Freitas - 14h47
Renato Amante - 14h52
Fabio Lima - 15h07
Ricardo Rosa - 15h09
Gilead Mauricio - 15h10