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We know that Fodaxman is an event that causes the most varied emotions in athletes, but it is very important that you are extremely rational before deciding to participate in the registration process.


Some important reminders to help you decide to sign up:


  • Fodaxman is not a race for beginners, it is an extreme event that demands a lot of the physical and the mind. If you are not sure that you are prepared, it is best to wait some more time before signing up;


  • The race consists of a 4km swim, 172.5km bike and 42km run. However, please remind yourself of the degree of difficulty of the course due to the elevation gained. In the bike course there will be 3,650m of elevation gained including the Serra do Rio do Rastro with 7km of average slope around 20%. In the run course there will be 1,250m of elevation gained, being 1,100m only in the last 16km and the arrival is above 1.800m of sea level. The swimming is flat (for now) but in compensation is in the dark (5am start).


  • It is mandatory that all athletes have at least one supporter that should accompany their athlete by car for 100% of the course (two are recommended). The athlete's supporter will be responsible for all support, including but not limited to mechanical care, hydration, supplementation and orientation throughout the course. Please remind that the course will be open to normal traffic and there won’t be guidance signs. The Fodaxman crew will provide files to help with the guidance through the course (Google maps, Garmin track, etc.)


  • Choose your supporter well because you will spend a long day together. And remember that at the time of registration it is mandatory that you inform us the data of at least one supporter.


  • Both cycling and running courses are 100% on public roads with traffic open to vehicles. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the athlete and his/her supporter to obey the traffic rules in force in the Brazilian Traffic Code during the entire journey. It is the responsibility of the athlete and his supporter to ensure their physical integrity.


  • There will be a medical team and mobile EMS traveling throughout the course available to athletes to attend medical emergencies. However, there might be a large gap between the incident due to the point to point course. Therefore, it is important that the supporter always have his/her cell phone ready to use and contact the medical team or the organization. This procedure does not prevent the supporter from also requesting emergency medical attention from the official bodies (Road Police, SAMU, etc.) if necessary.


  • Be prepared for extreme variations in weather conditions. On race day the temperature can vary from 5º to 35º (this happened in the 2017 edition).


  • If you care about of VIP area, Expo, treats in hydration stations, strippers for wetsuits, supporter to get your bike in T2, etc., I'm sorry but the Fodaxman is not the race for you. Fodaxman is a race that values the essence of the sport and its values. If you do not give up the convenience and comfort of the items mentioned above, there are several other race options with this profile.


  • If you have already tested positive on some anti-doping test, I'm sorry but you're not welcome on Fodaxman. At Fodaxman our sports values are important and are put into practice. And if you test positive on an anti-doping test after your participation in Fodaxman your participation records will be deleted and you will no longer be able to declare yourself a Fodaxman finisher.


  • Discuss wisely with your family before deciding to sign up. Do not take responsibility for family quarrels or divorces because of the race.


  • Read carefully all the rules of the race available on the website. There's no point on complaining that you did not know about something.


  • Athlete without supporter and without the signed statement of responsibility and medical certificate can not start the race. It is of no help to ask the Pope or anyone else to intervene because there will be no exceptions.


  • If after all these warnings you have decided to join Fodaxman, learn how the application process will be:


1st stage of the registration process: Within the registration period, athletes must fill in the registration form containing personal information, sports history, medical information, etc. All registration forms will be analyzed by the Fodaxman organizing team. The athletes we understand that have the physical and emotional conditions, in addition to being aligned with our sports values and deserving to become a Fodaxman will be able to participate in the 2nd stage of the registration process


2nd stage of the registration process: All athletes qualified in the first stage will participate in the draw of slots, limiting themselves to the race space limit. The drawn athletes to participate in Fodaxman will be notified by email and will have a deadline (informed in the email) to make the payment of the registration according to guidelines in the confirmation email. Registration will only be guaranteed after confirmation of payment. If any chosen athlete does not make the payment until the deadline, the vacancy will be made available for a new draw among the athletes approved in the 1st stage and the new athlete will also receive the communication by email.



  • If an athlete was approved in the 1st stage but did not get the place in the draw in the 2nd stage, if he registers in the following year and has not had any new fact that withdraw him in the approval of the 1st stage, he will participate in the draw the following year with his name in duplicate so that his chances are duplicated of being chosen. And so on in the 3rd year, 4th year, etc. until he/she is chosen. This condition will only be valid for registrations in uninterrupted years.


  • The athlete who participated in an edition of Fodaxman and signs up for the next edition, if he has not had any new facts that would withdraw him in the approval of the 1st stage, will participate in the draw the following year with his name quadrupled so that it has four times more chances of being drawn. This condition will only be valid for registrations in uninterrupted years. It's a way of thanking Fodaxman for his loyalty.


  • The athlete who is registering for the first time and who has participated as an athlete's supporter in the previous year will also have his name in duplicate in the draw, only if obviously he was approved in the first stage of the selection process.


  • We want to encourage more and more female participation in Fodaxman. Therefore all women will have their names in duplicate in the draw, only if obviously they were approved in the first stage of the selection process.


  • The benefits to the draw mentioned above are not cumulative.


  • If the number of athletes approved in the first stage of the selection process is less than the number of places, the remaining places will not be filled.


  • The slots are personal and non-transferable.


  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations requested by email up to 90 days after confirmation of registration will be refunded 50% of the registration fee. After this date there will be no refund.